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Oh yeah, something new. yummy #bisexual #erotica hot for everyone!
Smashwords here:
And look for it on all other platforms very soon.
new #erotica! Oh yes. Some lovely lady #vampires. Find it for Kindle: or on Smashwords: and look for it on Nook shortly.
Yes! A new #erotica tale. Dirty with a smidgen of fantasy romance ;) Click the photo for the smashwords link.
New #erotica! Perfect for a quiet Sunday evening ;) This one is much more sensuous;  a modern retelling of the old tale of Pygmalion and the statue he fell in love with. Steaaaaaaamy! Click the photo for a Smashwords link, and you can keep an eye out on B&N and Amazon for it to appear in the next couple days.
New #erotica. Hot, simple, sweet. Not too much to it except hot sex ;)
New #erotica bundle! And several more stories in the works too, (including a modern myth rewrite) very excited about those :) Well worth the wait, I promise.
new #erotica! Who doesn’t love a good werewolf gangbang on a Friday afternoon? ;)
And new #erotica for today. Paranormal hotness.

Roxy is dabbling in things she shouldn’t be, but she wants more than anything to be beautiful. When she makes a pact for her soul in exchange for beauty, she ends up giving up a lot more than she intended. Demons don’t like to be cheated. 
Oh yeah, I forgot to blog this one! Sorry! This was new last week :) It’s a lot of fun, about a woman who visits an exclusive role-play sex club.
#erotica: perhaps a tad more plot-driven than my usual hit it and quit it, but I think it’s quite sweet and fun.

Lyra has a very special power: what she wishes, she gets. When strange people are chasing after her, fate pushes her into Darrel and Adam, two werewolves who don’t understand this girl at all, and or why they can’t stop thinking about her after she accidentally starts a threesome. Lyra needs to keep her power under control if she’s going to win their trust.